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EMPTY LUNG LAKE Only 30% of the water remained from the leeches laden 24 years ago. We have Adiyaman due to Gerger village of Gürgenl the Güngörmüş village with village Leech located between the lake first conducting discovery with tanıtıldı.atlas journal of directors of Atlas magazine manager in 06.01.1993 9 km Leech lake's land. When we got to the lake to admire the lake corporate managers of the Atlantic magazine, director of kalmışlardı.atlas magazine Ihsan bey "Bilal gentlemen you have sülükle lake us, he said to us that the village but a very large Bilal gentlemen we are here to seize and magazine Us Leech number of the first to be printed in the mountains it's not a lake Let them place a page on our lake and in a short time as a medical college professors and research assistants discovered that the wounds of the leech what they do bilgilendireleceği come and study. "they then take commemorative photos. After that period the Atlantic magazine and news in the newspaper by the authorities at various universities within 2 months and appoint a total of five professors in the health branch of biology They directed me. The Hocas arrived in August 1993. Together, the old water mills passed by the Hasan lake, and we got tired before. The chefs admired the water. Then we went to the slugy lake and when we came to the slug lake we put the leeches together with the water in the sample as a bottle. They took examples. after the examination Atlas newspapers and one they sent me the face of the newspaper in the reports yayınladılar.incel report at that time but I was after some time that the report from the fingers kaybettim.aklı my remaining leeches fungus, psoriasis, skin cancer, blood inflammation and healing pay anywhere in the body the clay soil algae that they şifalıdı eft to the face mask psoriasis and skin disorders, acne, skin oiliness, facial skin rejuvenation, mud bath, washing hair in women, loss of hair, dandruff, etc. of It is healing. 07/21/2017 BILAL MENTE



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